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Webpage title: Jobs, Employment info to jobseekers in 600 Districts, 593,731 Villages

Web page description: Jobs ‘Livelihood’ Portal, support 300 sectors, 2890 Sub sectors maps and aligns engagement for Unskilled, Semi Skilled, Skilled, between Employers – Employee.

121 08 54 977 [ 121 Crores, 8 Lakhs, Fifty Four Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy Seven People] is our Population in INDIA as per latest census 2011.

Livelihood Seeker - Permanent Solution.
6 07 09 399 [ Six Crores, Seven Lakhs, Nine Thousand and Three Hundred and Ninety Nine people] are looking for Continuous 'Livelihood' - Seeking / Available for work.

About us: Society for Aptitude Education,

Certificate of Registration:

Address for Communication: Society for Aptitude Education. Our portal www.upaadi.com is a Single 'Livelihood' Web Portal which maps and aligns engagement between Employers - Sole Proprietorship. Partnership. Private Limited and Public Limited organizations and 30,00,00,000 Employee workforce, across INDIA, Online & Off line too, We shall be planning for more or less 4120 Offline centers for Personal Interviews and Spot Offer letter issuance by the Industry.

This is like running Private NATIONAL Employment Exchange for every citizen above 16 years age. We wish to establish ‘Human Resource Supply Chain’ [Unskilled, Semi-Skilled and Skilled workers] Solution for more than 20 Lakhs Industries across India to ensure seamless operations of the Industries in INDIA. Address the needs of BoP [Bottom of Pyramid] for better Income Sources, enhancing Living Standards. In addition to
• No Basic Education
• 3rd Standard Failed
• 5th Standard Failed
• 7th Standard Failed
• 10th Standard Failed

Post Metric Jobs:
• 12th Standard Failed
• Degree [10+2+3] Standard failed.

Graduate Jobs:
• 10+2+3 - University Graduated, including Open University.
• 10+2+3 +2 – University Awarded Post Graduates
• 10+2+3 +3 – University Awarded Post Graduates
• Integrated Graduates 10+4 years or 10+5

Professionals Courses as per AICTE Nomenclature: 10+2+4

Professional Degree 10+2+4+2

Professional Post Graduates Integrated POST Graduates 10+5 years

PhD - Doctorates Jobs: Medical Sciences / MBBS & MD / Life Sciences. Jobs & Employment Connecting Employee and Employer SAE Initiative